Hi! It’s Karolina over here! I’m from Poland but I feel more like a citizen of the world 🙂 What brought me to write this blog and share my experiences? A few years back, upon turning 30, I started to question the bigger meaning in my life. How typical, isn’t it? 🙂 I decided to give up my job in the hotel industry in London and started to explore different carrier options.
I became interested in meditation and buddhism philosophy and after saving some money I took my backpack and went travelling/soul searching in South East Asia.  My time there has been truly wonderful and I have experienced more than I could dream of. (You can read about some of my adventures here). But as it turned out ‘finding my calling’ is a little bit more complicated than I initially thought. I did feel inspired and I tried a couple of different things but that was not it.
But I did not give up and after recharging my batteries back home (and my finances) I’m ready to explore the world and myself again. This time in India and Nepal, but who knows where the universe will take me next!

Have a pleasant read xx