Rinjani Mountain

After being a proper beach bum for a couple of days in Gili Islands it was time to climb the famous Rinjani. Since the mountain is located on a neighbouring Lombok island I already had a chance to observe the monster from a beach and prepare myself mentally for it:)
I’ve met a lot of people who have climbed Rinjani and the majority said that it was the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Being a little bit cocky I thought that they were exaggerating…. How wrong was I?!? Generally, I consider myself rather fit and up for a challenge but this mountain broke my spirit a little bit:) The last part of the ascend is indeed really hard. The summit is covered with gravel which meant that for every 2 steps you took up you slid 1 one down. At some point that stopped being fun! It was so windy I couldn’t breathe properly. But I cannot fully blame the weather, climbing such a high mountain while still being sick wasn’t the smartest idea;)
Anyway, let’s not be too dramatic. I made to the top for the sunrise, the view from there was well worth the effort. Even though climbing the top is obviously the main attraction I really enjoyed the rest of the trip too. After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination;) The whole 3 days trek was absolutely amazing; the nature, the company and the challenge itself, all of that qualify as the highlight of my travels:)
Sunrises are overated!
After this trip however, I decided not to climb anymore mountains at night to see the sunrise. Hiking should be pleasurable and there is nothing pleasant about walking in the dark for 3 hours in freezing cold. I’d much rather do the same ascend during the day when I can enjoy the view and I’m not rushed by the sun rising any moment. Not to mention that it’s much warmer when the sun is out:)
True, the view from the top during the sunrise is breathtaking, but so is during the day:)))



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