Bali Bali Bali

Bali, island of rice terraces, fabulous surfing and diving, artistic culture, countless temples and festivals. One might even say that it’s the dream island:)
Even though Bali has been massively commercialized, I believe it has still remained its charm.
I arrived in Bali sick and I used the time I spent on the island for recovery. I guess travelling in Asia comes with a risk of getting sick at some point. Even though I was completely drained of energy for a week, I managed to enjoy the island life and actually fall in love with it more than the previous time I was there. Whenever I had a low moment I just reminded myself that my sickness could have been much worse (based on the horrific stories I’ve heard from my fellow travellers…)
Even though Bali is relatively very small it has a lot to offer. You can party, do yoga and meditate, eat just organic food, obviously there are amazing spots for surfing and diving. Its diversity attracts a lot of westeners who live on the island and never want to go back. I guess Eat Pray Love movie has done a good job;)
Since I’m in between careers and looking for new opportunities, the obvious question has come to me: Could I live in Bali? Surprisingly the answer was NO. Even though it’s a lovely place with a lot of potential, there is something about it that doesn’t make my heart sing, at least for now, who knows what will happen in the future! I’ll just keep on travelling with my mind open:)

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