Bromo Volcano

The next destination was the famous Bromo Volcano. It wasn’t easy to get there though, I basically had to cross most of the Java island. I had an unplanned stop in Probolinggo, it’s not really a charming city. I guess I have a bad association with it as I lost my debit card there. Please don’t ask how I’ve managed to do that, I’m simply an idiot. I should work more on my mindfulness, ha! Anyway, there’s no drama as I have a back up card and the new one is being issued:)
Going back to the Bromo story, it was absolutely incredible! I wasn’t sure whether I should visit it as it’s well known for the hundreds of tourists arriving everyday to see the volcano at sunrise. I have managed to avoid the crowds completely which made my experience even more special. (if you ever decide to go there let me know, I’m happy to give you some tips;)
I’m not going to get into the details. Just look at the photos, they speak for themselves!







Bit of offereings to Ganesh



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