Tana Toraja

For my last week in Indonesia I decided to go to Sulawesi, a K shaped island above Bali. With a tight schedule I travelled to Tana Toraja, a place famous for its burial rituals and funny shaped houses.

For Toraja people the most important ceremony is a funeral. After someone’s death the family collects the money and organises a funeral, this can take weeks, months or even years! In the meantime the dead body stays at home, they use some kind of formalin to cover the smell…

Once everything is organised the funeral begins and it lasts up to a week. The ceremony itself is nothing like in the west. Tourists are most welcome to attend, apparently it brings good luck:)

The best way to explore Toraja is with a guide. Even though it’s not my usual style of travelling, I was really happy to have a guide as he managed to get us into a funeral ceremony. I was introduced to the family of the deceased, I had lunch with the rest of the guests and I spent a day with someone who has lived there for 60 years! At the beginning I felt really uncomfortable behaving like typical tourist at a funeral but after a while I realised that the locals don’t mind me at all, they are actually proud of their tradition and they’re happy to show it off:)


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